“Sheona McEwan is a compassionate, experienced and down-to-earth professional. Her overall calm demeanor put me at ease prior to my energy healing sessions. I have had the opportunity to meet with Sheona on several occasions and each session leaves me feeling more at peace. Adding a guided imagery exercise prior to an energy healing was a great experience. For example, Sheona was able to cater to my needs by using guided imagery to help with my underlying anxiety and stress that caused alopecia hair loss. My experience with Sheona have been greatly beneficial and I can highly recommend her treatments“.  Rachel (Netherlands)

“I have greatly benefited from the Energy Therapy performed by Sheona. Inconspicuous as the treatment may seem, it had a profound impact on the process of my recovery. Sheona is surely a competent practitioner and above all a pleasant, warm and wise person!” A male with burn-out symptoms (Netherlands)

After the healing, the fatigue and the headache that were plaguing me for weeks were miraculously gone. The healing itself was very soft and gentle. I felt very safe and relaxed. Afterward I felt very energized, but at the same time  lighter, more peaceful and centered.” Nina (Austria)

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have received healing sessions from Sheona a number of times — in person as well as long distance healings.

She, without a doubt in my mind, has a gift.  I appreciate her way of being and presence.  I’ve never felt awkward nor judged during the sessions as she holds the space of the healing work with an open hearted kindness that is so rare in the world these days. I always feel much more grounded, energized and less blocked after her sessions.    I’d highly recommend having sessions with her. She has the ability to adjust the healings according to the needs of the people she works with.  She has done hearings with my special needs sister (who said it was a lovely peaceful feeling that felt so good to her) and my husband (whom especially appreciates the sense of his body working in a more harmonious natural way after her sessions).

It’s a joy and comfort knowing that she is now available for sessions online as she lives across the world me. The distance healing has helped open my awareness to how connected we all are and how important intentions and energy work is. Thank you Sheona.Siri (Thailand).