Energy Healing

Energy healing can be a safe and effective support for many life issues and diseases. The basis for energy healing comes from the belief that the world is made up of energy and that by changing this energy through hands-on healing, there can be a great relief of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

We each hold our energy in our body and in our energy field in a unique way. For instance, we may have met people who feel very “big” – the moment they walk into a room you know they are there. Or maybe we have encountered people who feel very rigid – they don’t seem to bend to anything. Holding our energy in a specific pattern comes from our personality, our body blueprint, and any difficulties we may have encountered over the years.

Holding our energy the way we do, can work for us, but often the energy is held too tightly and this can lead to discomfort or disease: we have physical complaints, we don’t feel emotionally well or we feel disconnected from a bigger, purposeful world. Energy healing can help with these issues through laying on of hands and changing the energy patterns that are so familiar to us.

Receiving Energy Healing

We will start with setting a goal for the healing session(s). We will look at the issues that are presented, and discuss any relevant medical diagnoses and support already received. 

​You are then invited to lie fully clothed on the healing table, and to relax and close your eyes. During the healing you can ask me any questions and I may ask you to observe your experiences during the healing and share if appropriate. At other times you may wish to just relax and perhaps fall asleep. 

After the healing you can relax on the table to allow you to integrate the healing. A brief conversation in which we share our observations rounds off the healing session.


How many times you come depends on you and your healing goals. Sometimes one healing can address the issue.  Often a healing journey will look at long established patterns and an average of 6-8 sessions will offer the chance to look at all aspects of the problem.

Tackling the issues

Healing can be effective for many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. I have helped with areas ranging from broken bones, fertility, post-birth trauma, sports-injuries, to grief, depression, childhood trauma, anxiety, and coping with family issues.

Children & Healing

A healing session with children may be quite different. It may not always be appropriate for a child to be on a healing table and so the healing can be done during play or while talking with the child. In addition, it is usually recommended that the parent(s) are present during some or all of the healing sessions.

Distance Healing

With the right intention, energetic connections can be made between people anywhere in the world. Thus energy healing at a distance can be an efficient alternative when hands-on healing is not possible. A session would consist of a telephone/Skype discussion to identify the goals of the healing, and then a period of relaxation in a safe and quiet place. After the healing we will have an opportunity to discuss the experience.