About Sheona

Sheona is fully bilingual in Dutch and English and offers services in both languages.

Sheona McEwan realized she wanted to work with people when studying chemistry at Imperial College and realizing she enjoyed her Wednesday afternoons volunteering with children with Autism more than her lab work at College. A psychology degree at Birmingham University (UK) and a Masters in Special Needs Education at Lehigh University (USA) started her journey in working with vulnerable children and families. This took her into a variety of fields from early intervention, to child protection and finally to working in schools in a variety of countries (USA, UK, Thailand, Austria and finally The Netherlands). Ever curious and interested in furthering her knowledge she completed at Post Graduate Certificate of Education (London) and another Master in School Counseling (USA/Singapore).

It was while in Thailand (working as an elementary school counselor at an International School) that she came across more holistic approaches to working with people. An ever-wider view of what could help heal and deal with inner pain began to surface. The Barbara Brennan School of Healing offered an intensive 4 year journey towards a fuller understanding how the energetic and psychological side influence how we live our lives, the challenges we face and how to heal them. Working with Catherine Shainberg since 2012 at the School of Images helped her realise how much influence our subconscious has and how we can use the wisdom in the subconscious and in our dreams to help on our road to health and recovery.

Combining a background in psychological and educational academic training with extensive training in healing and dream therapy, Sheona is able to offer a unique combination of counseling, energy therapy and dream therapy. Sheona offers counseling to children and families in her practice and also at various international school in The Hague (see www.sheonamcewan.com). For this she is recognized by the Dutch Nederlandse Vereeniging voor Orthopedagogen (a Professional organization recognizing and certifying Educational Psychologist and Special Needs teachers). She also works with children and adults with a wide variety of concerns (anxiety, grief, arthritis, personal development) using a combination of counseling, energy healing and dream therapy. She is a fully certified Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and a certified Sapphire practitioner & teacher at the School of Images.

Sheona’s clientele consist of children and adults with a wide ranging variety of complaints & diagnoses (physical complaints, ADHD, anxiety, stress and burn-out, survivors of bullying in the workplace, birth and conception) as well those who come for their own personal growth and development. A particular interest for Sheona is her work supporting parents with developing their own insights and growth in relation to their own childhood. This “inner child work” can give freedom from old patterns and pain and allow new wisdom and creativity to develop in terms of how parents relate to their own children. She does this both at her practice and on-line. She works directly with the person’s energy field (aura) and their subconscious images in order to find out where the dis-balance has arisen and each session is personally tailored to each individual client.